Cook & Cocktail Book (PDF)
Cook & Cocktail Book (PDF)

Cook & Cocktail Book (PDF)

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We haven't been able to host events at our favorite restaurants. So we decided to bring your favorite chefs and mixologists to you. The Night Brunch Cook & Cocktail Book has a food recipe paired with a cocktail recipe, as well as, a song from each person. We had to create a vibe for you while you're making meals and drinks at home. Check out everyone's song request and see how the Night Brunch team filled out the playlist with our own selections on Spotify. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Baltimore Restaurant Relief Fund (501c3).


  • Doug Wetzel - Gertrudes
  • Steve Chu - Ekiben
  • David Sherman - Ground and Griddle
  • Jasmine Norton - The Urban Oyster
  • C. Aaron Simons - Cosima
  • Carlos Raba - Bar Clavel


  • Ezra Allen - Cane Collective/Pendry Hotel
  • Brendan Mohr - Topside
  • Aaron Joseph - Cane Collective
  • Anthony Richmond - The Urban Oyster
  • Jonathan Udith - Cosima
  • Andre Barnhill - Bar Clavel

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