It’s known that food and music attract people and bring them together to naturally create communities. We don’t need more reasons to be a part – we need more reasons to come together. Night Brunch was created to celebrate food, music, and friends. This is a common culture of people that know it takes all 3 elements to make a memorable moment.

The creators, Jason C. Bass and Ryan Rhodes (DJ Impulse), come from a city that possesses a mentality of crabs in a barrel. Just because Baltimore likes to eat crabs, doesn't mean we have to be what we eat. Jason and Ryan want to change the story of the environment and give people a reason to celebrate something positive - food, music, drinks, and community. Put all those other issues aside and let's come together to enjoy ourselves. 

Brunch is a combination of two different experiences – breakfast and lunch – together it creates an occasion outside of the breakfast, lunch and dinner structure. Let’s go a step further and do it at night. In fact, we can do whatever we want. Who says we have to do brunch, like everyone else, we just want great food, dope people, and to set the vibes. Come thru.