COVID-19 Reponse: Contribute to the Baltimore Service Industry Fund

We Are A Community

The Baltimore Service Industry Needs Your Help

At Night Brunch we strive to create spaces and experiences through food, music, and community. We work hard to organize Night Brunch events and give people a reason to celebrate something positive.

Being that we are currently in a state of emergency due to COVID-19, a lot of people within Baltimore’s service industry have been laid off. These are men and women who have taken care of us and now it is our turn to do the same. In an effort to support our community we all have to do what we can to contribute. As a community, we help by giving resources, money or by purchasing gift cards to participating restaurants. Our partners at Hotel Revival will convert their first-floor bar B-side into a donation and distribution center. Our friends at Hungry Harvest are providing fresh produce and discounted monthly memberships. All contributions will be used to provide food and supplies to those who need it the most.  Our support for the exceptional restaurants, bars, and hotels of Baltimore is needed the most right now.

With your contributions of funds and/or additional donations, we’ll be able to provide food and supplies to those affected by the service industry layoffs.  

You can find a list of donation channels below to contribute:


Venmo @thenightbrunch

Cashapp @thenightbrunch

Paypal @thenightbrunch

To discuss our project and how you can get involved, please contact us as soon as possible. I hope to hear from you soon. 

Thank you in advance for your generosity. Brought you by Kiss Tomorrow Hello.

3 Ways To Contribute

Add a title or tagline

Please donate unopened essential supplies such as toilet paper, tooth paste, canned goods, etc. to Hotel Revival.

Hotel Revival

Contribute Money for Supplies

Please make a donation in the form of money to buy much needed supplies and cover any related expenses.


Post, Share and Tag

If you can not contribute supplies or donate money to the fund, please download the above image to post, share and tag to let others know about our efforts. Thank you!



In a time of crisis we all need to come together and collectively provide solutions that work. In the spirit of community and collaboration, David Seel of Blue Fork Marketing and Jason C. Bass of The Night Brunch/Kiss Tomorrow Hello, are joining efforts and resources to help Baltimore's service industry. They've been providing marketing services to restaurants, bars and hotels - so now it's time to be of service to their communities. Together, they will pool resources, utilize relationships and combine efforts to provide immediate and long term assistance. Their efforts will start with The Night Brunch's Baltimore Service Industry Fund headquartered at Hotel Revival and then transition into a long term solution with the The Baltimore Restaurant Relief Fund created by David Seel and The Baltimore Area Restaurant Industry Relief Group. Donations are currently being collected and donated curbside at Hotel Revival and, as we grow, we will bring on other points of collection and distribution throughout Baltimore City. Go here to join the Facebook Group today.

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